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Dont Have U.S Traffic. Then Say No More To WidgetBucks

November 22nd, 2007 No comments

So Finally i removed the WidgetBucks Codes From My Pages. Yes, Because Of So Many reasons!

 First,  Just Check the following statements from WidgetBucks…

 ”"Starting tomorrow (Nov. 15), clicks coming from outside the U.S. and Canada on WidgetBucks widgets will no longer be charged to merchants, and therefore, no publisher credit will be given for those clicks. This will positively impact publisher RPC levels, and the change does not affect earnings from October (just posted) or the first half of November.

International site visitors will be redirected to — the online meta-shopping service and company that is behind WidgetBucks. By taking these visitors to Mpire — which was among TIME magazine’s 50 Best Sites for 2007 — they will be able to access all the major shopping marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon,, Wal-Mart, Target and thousands more.

And to clarify, Mpire/WidgetBucks does not get credit for this traffic either — undoubtedly skeptics will incorrectly assume this. We will definitely evaluate re-adding certain countries over time and evaluate their conversions — but for the next few weeks, it’s critical that we are diligent about click traffic in order to recover RPC numbers.

If you are a publisher with a lot of non-US traffic, we suggest using a geo-based ad placement service to determine when to display a WidgetBucks ad widget versus an internationally applicable ad. Some examples include MaxMind, IP2Location, etc, and there are solutions available for OpenAds that do this as well.”"

What does This Means…

Any Site which dont have much U.S Visitors will earn less or nothing. Before this my daily earning was about $8 – $10 Per Day & guess what now i am just earning $0.50 – $1 Per day. WidgetBucks Destroyed Everything. I will suggest that not to use it any more specially for non US Sites.

Whats My Conculsion

Google Adsense Is The Best

WidgetBucks Sucks

Adsense Remove Background To Avoid Accidental Clicking

November 17th, 2007 No comments

clickthrough.pngEarlier this year we stepped back to examine the value users, advertisers, and publishers derive from clicks on content ads. As you integrate ads with your site’s content and navigation, we want to ensure a positive user experience. We identified a few areas for improvement and began implementing changes, starting with our new ad formats in April.

Continuing these improvements, we’ve just changed our text ads slightly to help reduce accidental clicks. In the past, users could click on both the background and full text of an ad, but now they can click only on the title and URL of a text ad. By allowing users to click only on the ad title and URL, we aim to decrease accidental clicks, better aligning visitor behavior with their intent. Overall, the decrease in accidental clicks will keep users on your website, interacting with your content, until they intend to click on an ad.


In addition, this new clickable format better aligns with the text ad formats shown on We hope this format change contributes to a better, more consistent user experience.

Finally, this change won’t just improve user experience on your site; it benefits advertisers as well. We currently monitor clicks on Google ads for accidental clicks, and the format change complements our monitoring system by further ensuring advertisers only pay for meaningful clicks. By reducing accidental clicks, we hope to increase advertiser campaign value and satisfaction, encouraging additional spend and facilitating higher monetization for all publishers.

Widgetbucks Scam Or Is It Real?

November 12th, 2007 No comments

Many Of You have Not Heard about WidgetBucks. First A Small review For WidgetBucks.

What Is WidgetBucks?

WidgetBucks Is a new PPC publisher in which webmasters and blog owners are able to make $$$ simply by adding the code in which they create on the website onto their site or blog similar to Google Adsense although from what it seems quicker updates and higher payouts.

How can you make money with WidgetBucks?

You earn money each time someone clicks on a WidgetBucks ad widget on your site, also called pay-per-click, or PPC. You can also earn money by referring people to WidgetBucks.
Payouts have been seen to be much higher than Adsense with most peoples CPM in the $3-$6 range compared to Adsenses $1-$2.

My review About WidgetBucks!

 yes i have used it and still using it. They do pay 25$ on signup i mean they show 25$ in “Mybucks” (which is a tab in account area) Like this …

Date Description Earnings Payments Balance
10/27/2007 Signup Bonus $25.00   $25.00

but i didnt get paid yet because i started it on 26th of October and in 4 days i could only earn about 20 $ which makes it total of 45$ that is 5$ less for making it 50$ so i will not be paid in this month, but i think next month i would be paid with a larger ammount. CPC Rate is awsome but i am not sure that i would get paid by them or not. But still i am using them.

 Why People Think That WidgetBucks is a Scam?

Well in my opinion when people see that they are paying much on a single click they get interested but it also make them to think that how they can pay more then $0.30 per click. Thats why they start saying that WidgetBucks is a scam, they will not pay you.

 Well May be they were thinking the right thing.

Why I Think That WidgetBucks is a Scam?

Hmmmmmm! as far my concern i do also think the same thing often. My Two Friends who also publish WidgetBucks ads, get suspended. They get suspended at WidgetBucks because of no reason.

  1. WidgetBucks Said that clicks on Our ads dont convert to sales.
  2. WidgetBucks Said that you placed our ads on non-content pages in your site. (even  ads were working on only two pages that were full of content).

 They suspended and take all the earnings i think near about $500.

So that all about why i think WidgetBucks is a scam! but still i am using it with a hope that it will not suspend my account for such a crap reasons.

Well those who want to use WidgetBucks can click to give it a try.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!