Digital Marketing in Social Media

The advertising budget of many of the world’s biggest companies is all going into digital marketing via social media. To be successful in this new arena, you need to experience real digital marketeer apprentice roles. These roles are varied, but they all converge towards the digital marketing process. Digital marketing in social media includes so many areas. As a digital marketing apprentice, you will be assigned to specific roles. The most important of these roles are those that concern the customers. Online customers are the goal of digital marketing. As such, they need to be identified, segmented and profiled.


Customers can be identified

The goal of digital marketing is to identify your online customers. Unless you do that, you cannot formula your marketing plan and marketing channel. Sometimes it is difficult to identify your customers. At other times it is easy. In today’s environment, there are tools that can help you with market identification. Most tools are for sale, and if you are an apprentice, this may be out of your reach. Others tools and information are free if you know where to find them. Customers can now be identified with pinpoint accuracy even to the micro-segment level. This can be helpful for the marketing apprentice.

Customers can be segmented

The good thing about today’s marketing landscape is the fact that it is easier to segment your customers. Thousands of websites compile data on customers from different geographical location and even from your location. From this data, you can make your customer segmentation formula. You can segment by income bracket, by location, by age and even by spending habits. With this, you can now start formulating how you can reach the segmented market. Segmenting can be done down to the very specifics even to how much time the customer spends on social media. With valuable information like this, you can make a successful marketing plan.

Customers can be profiled

This portion is the most exciting as far as social media apprentice is concerned. Profiling customers takes a lot of skill. It also takes a lot of time and decision making. If you classify a customer on the wrong side of the equation, the success of your digital marketing may be placed in jeopardy. To improve fast on this skill, it is best to have a mentor. A mentor is more than a teacher. A mentor transfers his or her skill to you. If no mentor is available, this does not mean you cannot improve. You can improve by studying the success and failures of other marketers.

Digital marketing in social media is no easy task. This is a challenging task for a digital marketing apprentice. If you can go through the process of identifying different customers using online tools or using your formula, you will be on your ways towards being a full-fledged digital marketer. Going through the process over and over again in different marketing scenarios will enhance your skills. Skills get better as you do the marketing identification process again.

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The Connection between SEO and Google

Google is a search tool for the information that is mostly used by the people on the internet and Google is using a search engine that’s why Google has a major connection to the SEO. Now let see how it begins.

In 1998, they were two students that graduated at Stanford University their names were Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They develop the “Backrub” it’s a search engine that depends on an algorithm to rate the popularity or the importance of web pages. It’s calculated by using the mathematical algorithm which they called the PageRank, it’s explain the strength and quantity of inbound links. PageRank estimates the similarity of the provided page will be aim through a web user who randomly use to surf the web and consistent following the links from one pageto other page. The result will compare if some links are stronger or popular than the other. In conclusion if the PageRank is higher, it was been reached by a lot of surfers.

Brin and Page discovered the Google, they found that Google was attracting a loyal surfers that follows the growing and larger number of Internet users. Google has a simple design reason why lot of Internet user been attracted to the certain search tool. The off-page features were the same as the on-page features to make Google prevent the kind of manipulation that found in search engines. Before in this kind of scenario, it was consider as the on-page feature for the ranking. The PageRank has difficulty in comes in gaming and webmasters made a solution by developing link building tools and the schemes was inspired from the Inktomi search engine and these method was effective so PageRank would applicable in games. There were sites already focused on buying, selling links and exchanging become massive scale for many times. Some of the link farms and programs are part of the creations of the several sites for the prime purpose of link spamming.

Year 2005 Google started personalising the result search for every user. Depending on their history of the searches previously, Google made results for log in users. In 2008, Bruce Clay announced the ranking is already dead because the search can already personalize. He added that it would meaningless to explain how the website being rank, because its rank would result in different for every user and every search.

Year 2007 Google made a campaign against about the paid links that transferred to  PagRank. But they stop their campaign year 2009, Google less the effects of the PageRank manipulation by using the attribute of no follow on the links.  June 15 the engineers from SEO developed different techniques that substitute tags with difficult Javascript that’s allowing the PageRank to sculpt. They add up more solution by using the Flash, IFrames and Javascript.

Year 2012 Google tried to penalize websites that manipulate the rankings on the search engine and in 2013 the Google merge to the SEO, to improve the Google natural semantics and its original language process to understand the web pages. In the end SEO and Google become allies.

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3 Things to Make Your Site More Comprehensive

Viewers are potential clients in the virtual world. Thus, making your viewers impressed with your website is one of the trick to gather more clients and deals. To make this happen, you need to have a comprehensive website that they can easily scan and gather correct information with. A comprehensive website worth a lot as it invites more clients on your door. How to make it effective depends on how well you are with identifying the necessary information that is necessary to be present there. Hence, to make your life easier here are three things that are proven to be “a must have” for websites.

Key points. There are a lot of things you can post on your website such as posts that can add up to the color of your site. However, some of these appear like flowering posts that does not make much sense. You are spending money on every post and so, you have to be aware of the necessary information your will feature that are useful for your viewers. These information should contain key points that are valuable for your clients to understand better what you can offer.  These key points include the purpose and vision of the company, product and services and their information, contact details, and reviews. Highlighting these things will make your viewers become aware of what you are trying to sell them, and how you will work on it with your goals and vision.   Hence, seeking for the right people to make your website appear as attractive as this is not hard to do because the web designers North Wales are easy to contact with all their business info keep on popping up on any page you open. Also they were listed and very searchable over the net.

Real pictures or examples. One of the things that will make your site more comprehensive is featuring pictures of your products and services. People nowadays are tired of reading long passages of information. They are already sick with this on their work so adding up one on your site will more likely to bore them. Making it more attractive and comprehensive by having your site posted with pictures. It will entertain your clients as you are giving them clearer views of what your business can offer. Another trend nowadays is posting of video of actual feedbackfrom your successful clients. Your viewers will more appreciate it as they will entertain their eyes with watching the video of your company’s great success.

Functional contact details. Another comprehensive thing you can post on your website is your functional contact numbers and emails and current address of your business establishment. These information are vital as they are the ways for you and your clients to be acquainted and get connected on the transaction process of winning them. Hence, it is important to have these contact details updated when there are certain changes you add or revise.

Making your website more comprehensive as important as gathering more clients into your door. Your website is the mirror of your business, thus it is important for you to pay attention on the information you posted there. Having flowering information may sometimes not necessary for your site to work well, and wise for you to spend. Hence, your website should have key points that include your company’s purpose and vision, products and services information, contact details and reviews. As important as these are, put the right flowers on the garden by posting pictures that speak for what you offer. Adding video on successful testimonies of your clients will make your viewers get entertained and less likely to get bored. On top of these are the updated company contact details that will link you and your clients to a successful deal. Make your site more comprehensive by having these three things and get more clients knocking on your door.

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The differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

If you have ever created some online content, whether for a personal blog or business website, you have most likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO). It is a set of techniques used for achieving high ranking on search engines, which further brings more visitors to the website or blog and enables more successful development of business and plenty of other benefits. Every serious company invests in high-quality SEO content, wanting to achieve long-term results, stable rankings and high-quality content.

However, not all SEO techniques are aimed towards this goal. SEO can roughly be divided into white hat SEO and black hat SEO. As you can guess based on movie, cartoon or video games characters, white hats belong to the good, and black are for the bad ones. The same principle is applied to SEO techniques.


White hat SEO, as used by an seo reseller in brief, implies all the methods and techniques that do not violate the guidelines, terms and conditions of search engines (especially Google). It is aimed at achieving higher search engine rankings of a certain website, but without any breach of terms and thus without the risk of getting penalized. Implementing white hat SEO techniques achieves high level of wholesomeness, high stability and good long-term results. Even though the growth in rankings may seem slow when these techniques are implemented, it is gradual, steady and above all – lasting. Some of these techniques and methods include writing high-quality website content, restructuring and optimization of the website HTML, manual research and outreach. They also require supporting the advertising campaigns with high-quality content and relevant links.


Black hat SEO techniques, as you can probably assume, implement techniques that do not rely on the quality of the website content, but on a fraudulent activities, not in compliance with the search engine guidelines. In other words, these techniques use the weaknesses in the algorithms of search engines in order to achieve high website rankings in a short period of time. Some of these techniques include spammy and hidden links, keyword stuffing and hidden text. Black hat SEO techniques provide quick growth of search engine ranking, which is why they may seem more appealing than white hat SEO. However, despite being quick, this growth in ranking is very unpredictable and extremely short-lasting. Furthermore, when such SEO is recognized in your website content, you can even be penalized. All this leads to much more harm than benefit for your website, and even though it may seem as quick and easy way, it always turns out to be only a temporary solution, and it is often the harmful one.


Just like in many other areas of life, not everything is only black or white in SEO either. There are plenty of SEO companies using so-called “grey area” techniques. This means that they use some of both sides of the specter, and not crossing the line which would be considered as using black hat techniques. They combine these two approaches, but it is a big risk to do SEO this way because it is extremely unpredictable and it can easily happen that the line is crossed.

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