The Connection between SEO and Google

Google is a search tool for the information that is mostly used by the people on the internet and Google is using a search engine that’s why Google has a major connection to the SEO. Now let see how it begins.

In 1998, they were two students that graduated at Stanford University their names were Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They develop the “Backrub” it’s a search engine that depends on an algorithm to rate the popularity or the importance of web pages. It’s calculated by using the mathematical algorithm which they called the PageRank, it’s explain the strength and quantity of inbound links. PageRank estimates the similarity of the provided page will be aim through a web user who randomly use to surf the web and consistent following the links from one pageto other page. The result will compare if some links are stronger or popular than the other. In conclusion if the PageRank is higher, it was been reached by a lot of surfers.

Brin and Page discovered the Google, they found that Google was attracting a loyal surfers that follows the growing and larger number of Internet users. Google has a simple design reason why lot of Internet user been attracted to the certain search tool. The off-page features were the same as the on-page features to make Google prevent the kind of manipulation that found in search engines. Before in this kind of scenario, it was consider as the on-page feature for the ranking. The PageRank has difficulty in comes in gaming and webmasters made a solution by developing link building tools and the schemes was inspired from the Inktomi search engine and these method was effective so PageRank would applicable in games. There were sites already focused on buying, selling links and exchanging become massive scale for many times. Some of the link farms and programs are part of the creations of the several sites for the prime purpose of link spamming.

Year 2005 Google started personalising the result search for every user. Depending on their history of the searches previously, Google made results for log in users. In 2008, Bruce Clay announced the ranking is already dead because the search can already personalize. He added that it would meaningless to explain how the website being rank, because its rank would result in different for every user and every search.

Year 2007 Google made a campaign against about the paid links that transferred to  PagRank. But they stop their campaign year 2009, Google less the effects of the PageRank manipulation by using the attribute of no follow on the links.  June 15 the engineers from SEO developed different techniques that substitute tags with difficult Javascript that’s allowing the PageRank to sculpt. They add up more solution by using the Flash, IFrames and Javascript.

Year 2012 Google tried to penalize websites that manipulate the rankings on the search engine and in 2013 the Google merge to the SEO, to improve the Google natural semantics and its original language process to understand the web pages. In the end SEO and Google become allies.

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