The differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

If you have ever created some online content, whether for a personal blog or business website, you have most likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO). It is a set of techniques used for achieving high ranking on search engines, which further brings more visitors to the website or blog and enables more successful development of business and plenty of other benefits. Every serious company invests in high-quality SEO content, wanting to achieve long-term results, stable rankings and high-quality content.

However, not all SEO techniques are aimed towards this goal. SEO can roughly be divided into white hat SEO and black hat SEO. As you can guess based on movie, cartoon or video games characters, white hats belong to the good, and black are for the bad ones. The same principle is applied to SEO techniques.


White hat SEO, as used by an seo reseller in brief, implies all the methods and techniques that do not violate the guidelines, terms and conditions of search engines (especially Google). It is aimed at achieving higher search engine rankings of a certain website, but without any breach of terms and thus without the risk of getting penalized. Implementing white hat SEO techniques achieves high level of wholesomeness, high stability and good long-term results. Even though the growth in rankings may seem slow when these techniques are implemented, it is gradual, steady and above all – lasting. Some of these techniques and methods include writing high-quality website content, restructuring and optimization of the website HTML, manual research and outreach. They also require supporting the advertising campaigns with high-quality content and relevant links.


Black hat SEO techniques, as you can probably assume, implement techniques that do not rely on the quality of the website content, but on a fraudulent activities, not in compliance with the search engine guidelines. In other words, these techniques use the weaknesses in the algorithms of search engines in order to achieve high website rankings in a short period of time. Some of these techniques include spammy and hidden links, keyword stuffing and hidden text. Black hat SEO techniques provide quick growth of search engine ranking, which is why they may seem more appealing than white hat SEO. However, despite being quick, this growth in ranking is very unpredictable and extremely short-lasting. Furthermore, when such SEO is recognized in your website content, you can even be penalized. All this leads to much more harm than benefit for your website, and even though it may seem as quick and easy way, it always turns out to be only a temporary solution, and it is often the harmful one.


Just like in many other areas of life, not everything is only black or white in SEO either. There are plenty of SEO companies using so-called “grey area” techniques. This means that they use some of both sides of the specter, and not crossing the line which would be considered as using black hat techniques. They combine these two approaches, but it is a big risk to do SEO this way because it is extremely unpredictable and it can easily happen that the line is crossed.

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