Digital Marketing in Social Media

The advertising budget of many of the world’s biggest companies is all going into digital marketing via social media. To be successful in this new arena, you need to experience real digital marketeer apprentice roles. These roles are varied, but they all converge towards the digital marketing process. Digital marketing in social media includes so many areas. As a digital marketing apprentice, you will be assigned to specific roles. The most important of these roles are those that concern the customers. Online customers are the goal of digital marketing. As such, they need to be identified, segmented and profiled.


Customers can be identified

The goal of digital marketing is to identify your online customers. Unless you do that, you cannot formula your marketing plan and marketing channel. Sometimes it is difficult to identify your customers. At other times it is easy. In today’s environment, there are tools that can help you with market identification. Most tools are for sale, and if you are an apprentice, this may be out of your reach. Others tools and information are free if you know where to find them. Customers can now be identified with pinpoint accuracy even to the micro-segment level. This can be helpful for the marketing apprentice.

Customers can be segmented

The good thing about today’s marketing landscape is the fact that it is easier to segment your customers. Thousands of websites compile data on customers from different geographical location and even from your location. From this data, you can make your customer segmentation formula. You can segment by income bracket, by location, by age and even by spending habits. With this, you can now start formulating how you can reach the segmented market. Segmenting can be done down to the very specifics even to how much time the customer spends on social media. With valuable information like this, you can make a successful marketing plan.

Customers can be profiled

This portion is the most exciting as far as social media apprentice is concerned. Profiling customers takes a lot of skill. It also takes a lot of time and decision making. If you classify a customer on the wrong side of the equation, the success of your digital marketing may be placed in jeopardy. To improve fast on this skill, it is best to have a mentor. A mentor is more than a teacher. A mentor transfers his or her skill to you. If no mentor is available, this does not mean you cannot improve. You can improve by studying the success and failures of other marketers.

Digital marketing in social media is no easy task. This is a challenging task for a digital marketing apprentice. If you can go through the process of identifying different customers using online tools or using your formula, you will be on your ways towards being a full-fledged digital marketer. Going through the process over and over again in different marketing scenarios will enhance your skills. Skills get better as you do the marketing identification process again.

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